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author of the stay a spell series

Grim & Bear It


The Final Book in the Stay a Spell Series

Not even Death can take her from him.

Clara Savoie is so confused. She is absolutely positive that Henry Blackwater is practically in love with her. But for some strange reason, he won’t even ask her on a single date. Time to take matters into her own hands.

When Clara shows up on his doorstep with an unusual invitation, tempting cupcakes, and naughty innuendo, Henry has no choice but to say yes. Now he’s the newest member of the High Tea Romance Book Club. While Clara learns the haunting secrets of her broody grim, Henry shows her what commitment from a necromancer truly means.

But when his father is arrested for murder, Henry is dragged back into the nightmare he’s been avoiding all his life. When he steps back into his father’s world, he isn’t just endangering himself but also the bright, beautiful woman he can no longer live without.

But he just might have to.

STAY A SPELL SERIES: Special Edition Hardbacks

Special edition hardcovers, character art, and vellum overlays for the beloved, witchy STAY A SPELL series by Juliette Cross. Available through Kickstarter.

Meet Juliette

Juliette is a multi-published author of fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary romance.

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