Forged in Fire

Book One

An Angels and Demons Romance

She didn't know the demon world existed. Now she just wants to survive it.

Genevieve Drake has never been the helpless kind of girl. Never needed a man to come to her rescue. That is, not until her twentieth birthday when some dude nearly chokes her to death in an alley and a hot stranger splits the guy in half, rips a monster from inside, and incinerates it into ash.

The hot guy? Jude Delacroix—Master of Demons. Now her guardian, whether she likes it or not. But she’s seriously beginning to like it.

The dude choking her? One of many demons from the underworld trying to abduct or kill her. As the prime target of the demon prince, Danté, who has all kinds of lascivious and sadistic plans, she has no problem accepting Jude’s protection.

Why Genevieve? She’s a Vessel, one who is born to serve the Light but can be corrupted and used as a weapon for darkness. Until that fateful night, she had no idea this world even existed. Now, she just wants to survive it.

Sealed in Sin

Book Two

A Demon Hunter Romance

Sometimes sin feels an awful lot like heaven.

One demon prince may be festering in the bowels of hell, but Genevieve's troubles are far from over. Prince Bamal, demon lord of New York City, still wants her. But this time, he wants her alive, to control her inherent power as a Vessel of Light.

With Jude Delacroix off searching for the prophecy, a guardian angel with sea-green eyes and mysterious intent steps into the gap, offering her the power to protect herself. And more. While Gen's love for Jude is true, Thomas stirs a desire where there should be none. Thomas also knows Jude's darkest secret and plans to use it to win Gen for his own.

While her Vessel power grows and more demon spawn creep from every dark corner of the world, one thing is certain--the Great War between the angels and demons is quickly approaching. And Gen is in a race against time to awaken her full power before the storm breaks.

Bound in Black

book three

An Apocalyptic Angels and Demons Romance

Genevieve Drake is going to hell. And no one can stop her.

She must find the soul collector, Lethe, and enter the deepest, darkest level of the underworld. No one has ever returned alive from the belly of a soul collector, but she will let nothing stop her from going after the precious treasure Lethe stole from her.

Even as she defeats demon spawn and foul creatures of the underworld, strengthening her Vessel power, she still may not be able to save the treasure she loves most in the world.

Meanwhile, the full prophecy hurtles toward the night of the Blood Moon when the Great War between heaven and hell will begin. And demon prince Bamal has a secret weapon. When he reveals it--and guardian angel Thomas reveals his own hidden agenda--Gen may not have the strength to resist the temptation to fall into darkness, forsaking the fate of the world for her broken heart.

“Delicious! Such a fun, scary world...I am absolutely on the edge waiting for the next installment. Cross's writing style is so addictive. The humor and snark alone are enough to make Forged in Fire a must-read."

– Smexy Books